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Top 10 Office Supplies

by:Ascend      2020-09-13
Whether you're working an entry-level job fresh out of college or you're running your own business from your home office, you'll need a set of office supplies to help keep up with the necessary administrative side of your work. Whether it's a pen or a brand new laptop, you won't get any of your work done without the right tools and office supplies. Pens This may seem obvious, but you're nothing without enough pens to get you through your work day. Plus, the higher-quality the pen, the better it will work. Skipping ink doesn't look professional on important documents. You'll want either black or blue pens plus a few red pens to help out when you need to edit a piece of writing. Post-it Notes No office is complete without Post-it notes. These convenient sticky notes come in handy for jotting down notes or serving as scrap paper. Plus, you can stick them anywhere to remind of what you need to know, when you need to know it. And Post-its come in all sizes, so if you need more space, you don't have to squeeze vital information into a tiny square. Desk Lamp Even if your office has an overhead light, you'll want a small desk lamp to illuminate your work area. This will help you to not strain your eyes and will highlight your keyboard or document even better than the room's standard lighting. Printer An all-in-one printer will not just print your documents, but it will also scan work, print photos and copy documents. Plus, you can turn out work in either black and white or colour. Computer Whether it's a small laptop or a huge desktop and monitor, no office is complete with a computer, not to mention Internet access. No modern business can function without a computer and web access. Chair In order to save your back from aches and pains, your office chair has to be comfortable and supportive. Ergonomics are huge in an office setting, and without the right chair, you could face future time - and money - spent at the chiropractor's office. Cordless Phone A cordless phone, or a phone that has a great speaker function or a headset, is a must-have for any professional office. Even if you're not spending tons of time on the phone, you'll need a quality phone for any type of business conversation to come through clearly. Labels Whether you have a perfectly organized filing system or simply know innately where you've tossed your documents, you'll want some sort of labelling system. Even basic labels stuck onto stacks of paper can help you - or others - spot exactly what you need at the time that you need it. Filing Cabinet Even the most unorganized person should have a small filing cabinet with a few basic files. You'll want to know exactly where a form is when a client needs one. Desk No office is workable without a desk. You don't need a huge or fancy desk, but you do need a surface where you can spread out a bit and lay out all of your important documents and papers.
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