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What is A Transfer Unit?

What is A Transfer Unit?



The transfer unit is part of the laser printer wherein the image is impressed on the paper before the fusing process. It is found beyond the photosensitive drum and before the fuser assembly. Like most part of the printer, the transferring process also involves passing through the different parts of the unit. After the developing of image on the photosensitive the drum, the paper then passes through two rollers (upper and lower). The lower roller is charged with electrostatic attracting the toner to stick to the paper from behind to form the image. The rollers finally imprints the image on the paper while at the same time clean up excess or loose toner and deposits it in the toner waste hopper.

The function of the printer transfer kit is transfering black, red, yellow and blue toner powder to the transfer belt. The four-colors registration and mixed to form a standard image, and then transferred to paper. A work cycle includes: reset-clean-charging-image mixing-transfer-cleaning, etc. The whole assembly is continuously rotated in the printer, and the product size must be highly precise to achieve long-life operation.


The transfer belt is the most important part of the transfer unit. It is a key component of imaging which directly affects the resolution of the image, chromatic aberration and operating life.

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