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OA Industry Terminology Interpretation

OA Industry Terminology Interpretation


Foshan Aishente Precision Parts Co., Ltd. 2017-06-01
Recycling consumables is a systematic project, consisting of dozens of types and more than 100 parts, each part name, function, product standard, who will produce? Who will supply it? It is a concern of the world.

1、Fuser film sleeve/FFS
The printer is powered all day, especially the MFP is working 24 hours a day. If the fixing roller is used, the thermal inertia is large, the power consumption is high, and the heat inside the machine is not easily dissipated. In order to reduce the warm-up standby time and achieve zero start, the fuser roller is replaced by a very thin heat-resistant plastic sleeve. The fixing film is multi-layered, the surface is not sticky, conductive, and thermally conductive.

2、Primary Charge Roller/PCR
A rubber roller made of a metal mandrel, a foamed conductive rubber, and an outer insulating plastic sleeve. Both ends of the shaft are embedded in the conductive seat ConductSaddle, and the charging roller is pressed tightly against the surface of the OPC drum by a spring. The surface of the OPC drum can be charged at a certain voltage. If the surface of the charging roller is scratched by foreign matter, the surface of the OPC drum will be unevenly charged or even short-circuited, and the print quality will be degraded and must be repaired or replaced.

3、Transfer Belt
Allows toner to adhere more fully to the paper surface for use with printer copiers.

4、Cleaning Web Roller/Fuser cleaningWeb
In double-sided high-speed printing, especially in a color printer, the use of a roll of oil-containing heat-resistant cleaning paper can better serve the effect of cleaning the fixing roller. Replace each roll of paper after it has been finished.

5、Photoreceptive Drum/OPC Drum
It emphasizes that the drum with light guiding properties determines the drum. There are many types of photoconductive materials, such as toner cartridges, cadmium sulfide drums, silicon drums, and organic photoconductor drums.

6、Upper Fuser Roller /Upper Roller/Heater Roller
The toner image transferred to the paper must be heated to soften and fix the resin in the powder. The fixing roller is a hollow metal tube coated with plastic (Teflon) and 1 to 2 tungsten halogen lamps (Heating Lamp). Since the fixing roller is always placed on the top, it is called the upper roller.

7、Lower Fuser Roller/Pressure Roller
Corresponding to the upper fixing roller is a lower fixing roller. Most of the lower fixing roller is a solid roller. (Unless the fixing roller in the high-speed printer is also made into a hollow tube, there is also a fixing lamp in the tube), and a thick layer of silicone rubber is used to make the pressure uniform, so it is called a pressure roller. When the toner on the paper passes through the upper and lower fixing rollers, it is easy to fix on the paper even if it is pressed with the tropics. For double-sided printing, in order not to stain the back side, a layer of fluorine sleeve is applied on the outside of the silicone rubber so that the fixed toner does not stick to the lower roll. As the printing speed becomes higher and higher, there is a higher requirement for the softness, resilience, thermal conductivity, and adhesion between the lower roll silicone rubber and the fluorine sleeve.

8、Heating Roller
Ascend fixing film roll products use Japanese raw materials, good thermal conductivity, flexibility, solid fixing, high quality and long life, the effect is comparable to the original.

9、Developer Roller
The function of the developing roller is to adsorb the toner, charge it, and transfer it to the surface of the OPC drum to produce a visible image. Since the one-component toner also has a magnetic powder and a non-magnetic powder, the developing roller also has a magnetic roller and a conductive roller.

10、Supply Roller
Ascend powder feeding roller adopts Japan imported environmentally friendly foaming, advanced technology, uniform cell, stable powder supply, anti-aging and long use time.

11、Magnetic Roller/Mag Roller
It consists of a magnet core Magnet fixed inside and a Mag Roller Sleeve with an outer rotatable aluminum sleeve, and a plastic sleeve and a conductive spring at both ends. A rough layer of graphite is sprayed on the surface of the aluminum sleeve.

12、Fuser assembly
The fuser is divided into two different structures, the fuser structure of the black printer and the color printer (accessory: upper stick / fixing film, lower stick, heat lamp, thermistor (contact), thermostat, separation claw, plastic part / stamping parts, plastic parts, bearings, gears, oil, electric combs)

13、Thermistor/ Theramal Senson
The semiconductor thermal element that checks the surface temperature of the fuser roller is the protector of the machine.

14、Heating Element
The printed resistor is sintered on a thin heat-resistant insulating ceramic substrate, placed in a fixing film, and can be heated by the fixing lamp after being energized. The fixing film and the ceramic heating sheet have a small heat capacity and a small volume, which greatly reduces the volume of the laser printer. And energy consumption.

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