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Mr.Liu Jiang, the ASCEND founder and general manager(also the chief engineer of ASCEND) is a high-level technical talent with mechanical, electronic and chemical technology. In 2013, he was selected as the only "scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship talent" in Foshan city, which shows Mr.Liu Jiang’s entrepreneurial development all the way accompanied by a strong color of scientific and technological innovation. And scientific and technological innovation has indeed brought strong support to the development of the enterprises created by Liu Jiang.


Mr.Liu Jiang, who was the R&D director of Ricoh (China) Equipment Co., Ltd., has been engaged in technology research and development, technology management, production and management for many years, developing his  keen observation and sense of the printer and photocopier market, and being able to collect subjects in practice and good at making comprehensive use of social forces such as universities and scientific research institutes to lead the team in innovation. In 2001, he resolutely gave up the preferential treatment of foreign famous enterprises and started his own business career, producing accessories for printers and copiers.


Although there is difficulties in innovation and entrepreneurship, Mr.Liu  believes that entrepreneurship is undoubtedly "the best way for a person to get social recognition, get respect from others and show his self-worth". In 2008, he formally founded ASCEND with its own trademark and patented product technology, and established the orientation and path direction of "scientific and technological research and development" for the company.


With years of intensive research and development in the office consumables industry, and developing, fixing and transfer technology, he successfully has developed more than 20 new products of developing, fixing and transferring consumable accessories for printer, and 10 new preparation equipments.87 patents have been granted, including 4 inventions and 83 utility models. At present, dozens of invention patents are in the process of being examined.


Mr. Liu as a professional and technical talent, not only has a strong potential for continuous product development, but also years of production practice makes him understand that product renewal is the fundamental for enterprise development. Therefore, he puts most of his energy on the research and development of new products, and has begun to study the printer's main components which the existing domestic manufacturers have not yet been able to solve the technical difficulties in production. He sees such high-technology, high-margin products as the driving force for the next development of the enterprise. It is believed that more and more ASCEND products will be a beautiful scene in the Office Consumables market in the future.


In the next few years, ASCEND will hold the advantages of technology, management and talents, and strive to become the leader of OA office  consumables industry in China.



Our target: To develop new products continuously by our R&D ability as well as introducing advanced technology domestic and abroad, to offer quality accessories for the OA field, to build Ascend Office Accessories Ltd into an excellent enterprise in the field of 0A in China .

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