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[Installation] teaches you how to properly install the fixing film

[Installation] teaches you how to properly install the fixing film


The first step: disassemble the components  
1) Remove the fixing unit, remove the housing, remove the fixing unit, and pay attention to the gears and the cable.
1.1) Disassemble the fixing unit and carefully remove the plastic parts tabs to avoid damage. And remember to remove the first install, then remove the first install.

Step 2: Remove the fixing film
2) Remove the damaged fixing film, clean the ceramic heating plate and the surface of the bracket with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol; (must be clean and clean so as not to damage the fixing film again).

The third step: wipe the grease
3) Use plastic rods, wooden chips or fingers to dig out some grease from the container; in the part where the ceramic heater and the bracket are in contact with the fixing film, the ribs are smeared more, and the other 15-20 are evenly distributed. Apply grease
A4 format printer: grease amount 0.5-1.0 g
A3 format printer: grease amount 0.75-1.5 grams
(Note: Remember that the surface of the fixing film should not be coated with silicone grease to avoid the fixing film slipping and the fixing part jam.)

Step 4: Apply back and forth
4) Apply the plastic heating piece and the surface of the holder to the surface of the ceramic heating plate and the holder with plastic or wooden pieces or fingers until the grease is evenly distributed on the surface of the ceramic heating piece and the holder.

Step 5: Mounting the fixing film
5) Install the fixing film and ensure that the side of the grounding ring (black side) and the conductive ring of the lower roller (black rubber conductive gear) or the conductive brush are on the same side, remember not to reverse! ! !

Step 6: Assembling the assembly
6) Rotate the fixing film several times by hand. When the fixing film is moved smoothly, the fixing film and the lower roller can be assembled together.
Note: After the fixing film is installed. According to the steps of dismantling, how to install it.

Step 7: Repeated self-test
7) When all the installation is completed, turn on the machine and run the self-test 3-5 times (ie: open the front cover and turn off the repeated self-test). Purpose: Let the fixing film idling, after the completion, play a few more tests without jamming. That is OK.

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