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Toner manufacturers remind you classification of carbon powder

by:Ascend      2020-04-25
On the carbon powder know more advantages, such as I know more carbon powder a variety of classification, and other professional knowledge. A, according to the developing components: one-component carbon powder and a two-component carbon powder ( Canon copier toner and Toshiba analog copier toner) Second, according to the developing electrical points: electropositive carbon powder and electronegative carbon powder ( Brother printer toner and HP printer toner) Three, according to the magnetic points: magnetic toner and magnetic toner ( HP's black and white printer toner and xerox printers toner) Four, according to the way of fixing points: thermal fixing carbon powder, cold pressing fixing carbon powder and infrared radiation fixing carbon powder five, according to the edge points: performance edge carbon powder and the electrical conductivity of carbon powder six, according to the developing way points: magnetic brush developing carbon powder and waterfalls development carbon powder seven, according to the carbon powder color: black carbon powder and color toner

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