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Tips on Troubleshooting HP 1215 Printer

by:Ascend      2020-06-29
The HP 1215 printer is a well-accepted printer model among users for both home and office-related use. Considering the fact that this printer model is an all-in-one unit, it is highly convenient to use, making it a much preferred choice among the consumers. If you are on the way to buy a printer but are confused about which model to opt for, it might be worthwhile to consider HP 1215 and get to know about the printer setup. Given the multiple functionality of the HP printer, you will end up conserving both money and time. With this device, you would not have to buy a printer, copier and scanner separately as these functions are efficiently carried out by a single HP 1215. Yet, it is important to have an idea about some troubleshooting steps which can be performed whenever you face printer problems. The printer issues can be elicited by a multitude of factors which can negatively affect the quality of print, copy and scan. However, by following some simple troubleshooting measures you can easily ward off the problems and make the device functional once again. Clean the scanner glass To restore the printer operation, firstly you need to carefully clean the scanner glass if you find dark spots all over the printed documents. Take a piece of soft cloth and rub a small amount of non-abrasive glass cleaner on it and use it to get rid of all the dust and grime in the scanner glass. To do so, first gently lift the upper part of the printer to get easy access to the scanner glass. Check the paper tray If you encounter paper jam problem while operating the printer, take out all the paper in the tray. As the HP 1215 printer model is susceptible to paper moisture, you need to fan the tray meticulously to avoid any problem. Get rid of paper dust and ink residue Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of ink residue and paper dust in the inner parts of the printer. The vacuum cleaners which are specifically meant to clean computer components can effectively remove the dust and debris from the printer. However, you can also use a compact vacuum cleaner with the help of a crevice tool. Clean the print cartridge carrier In order to avoid taking the device to a printer repair shop, it is important to keep the intricate components of the computer peripheral absolutely dirt free. However, first carefully remove the print cartridge from the carrier. After doing so, use a piece of soft cloth dampened with warm water and wipe the surface of the cartridge carrier. Make sure that you diligently get rid of the entire ink residue and debris accumulated in the carrier. Clean the print cartridge's base Take a piece of cotton swab, dip it in alcohol and use it to clean the base of the print cartridge. Continue wiping the base until the ink residue and paper dust get completely removed. Keep the print cartridge undisturbed for a while before fitting it back into the printer. If you aren't convinced about cleaning the intricate printer parts all by yourself, take online computer help.
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