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The use of printer toner

by:Ascend      2020-04-27

printer is used for electrostatic copier and laser printer toner electric photography main consumables in the process of development. The processing and preparation involves the content of the superfine processing, composite materials, etc, is one of the world's recognized technology products. So do you know about the use of printer toner?

many users in original printer toner after use, will use again to add later. This surface is used to reduce the user consumes the material cost, but due to the one-time consumables printer ink cartridges are sealing, to add printer toner can destroy sealing powder leakage phenomenon of printer ink cartridges. If scattered in the air is invisible to the naked eye, this will cause the use of environment and office environment pollution, cause the PM2 around. 5 concentration has increased dramatically, thus cause adverse effect to the health of the user.

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