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The shattering of the colored toner process have you understand?

by:Ascend      2020-04-24

color toner crushing process have you understand? With the widely application of the Internet, a lot of information is dressed up beautifully dressed to attract people's eyeballs, color laser printers, color copiers and color all-in-one become an essential tool for computer terminals. Color toner into their indispensable 'gas' and 'food'.

1。 Mechanical crushing legal powder process:

raw materials mixing shattered>>> mixed classification outside add>> {finished products Please put each working procedure plus box} Good carry of the tiny powders, must after mixed into a large, smashing it again, that over and over repeated labor is a waste, if we can put these tiny particles of raw materials, direct uniform bond together, become a certain size of small ball, it's convenient.

2。 Mechanical grinding powder legal system has a long history, the advantages of well-equipped, technology is mature, safe operation, easy to automated production. Closed production line to environmental protection, stable quality, low cost. Raw materials such as resin selection range. As the particle size of various raw materials is becoming more and more thin, more and more uniform, stir mixing equipment is more and more perfect, crushing stage equipment makes the powder particles smaller, yield is higher and higher, mechanical FenSuiFa completely can produce qualified toner under 9 micron particle size.

3。 Mechanical grinding powder legal system drawback: in theory, a variety of starting materials under the solid mixture cannot be very evenly, especially for some content accounts for only a few parts per thousand, more can't evenly dispersed. Some particles after mixing, crushing unit, there is always some kind of the lack of raw material composition. This makes some of the toner does not have the ideal static properties and electric properties. So 'the sham as the genuine' and 'in the process of copying others', and bottom ash, powder,' ghost ', was eventually into in waste powder storehouse. Method of mechanical grinding uneven grain size, particle size dispersity, wide need classification, low yield, low production efficiency. This kind of powder shapes, liquidity is poor, charged uneven surface, the development is uneven.

the above is our understanding of color toner crushing process, hope to help you! Thank you for watching! If you have any don't understand, please do not hesitate to contact with us, welcome to our discussion!

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