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The security of printer toner share!

by:Ascend      2020-04-27

not many people know about the safety of printer toner, the security question, however, is worth the attention of every person, so do share based on the safety of printer toner.

actually, non-toxic, printer toner itself but when carbon powder after high temperature and volatilization, the gas contains large amounts of toxins. Generally carbon powder made by resin and adhesive, etc. Specific ingredients:

printer toner resin, so far as the main imaging material, belongs to the main components of the toner, while carbon black have a function to adjust the color depth, magnetic iron oxide particles and charge control, lubricants, The silicon grains) And plasticizer etc. These materials constitute the carbon powder.

printer toner after high temperature melting, into the paper fibers, due to the resin was oxidized to produce irritating smell gas. The gas to healthy people didn't make much difference, to the respiratory tract is easy to produce allergic reaction, the problem is big, appear dizziness, vomiting, and even the symptom such as rhinitis, asthma is possible.

what has been discussed above, it is suggested that friends printer toner, the choose and buy must pay attention to choose printer toner with good reputation.

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