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The Pros and Cons of Buying Genuine or Non-Genuine

by:Ascend      2020-07-01
Non-genuine ink cartridges are generic inks that are re-manufactured as brand new inks. To make it somehow sound less off-putting, many call this compatible ink instead of non-genuine. With advancement in technology and more availability of toner and cartridge parts, compatible inks are available now in the market for various types and brands of printers. If you, for example, own a Canon printer, you can choose to buy a Canon genuine ink or a compatible one. You can buy a genuine ink from the manufacturer store or get a compatible one from other stores or retailers like Thrifty Ink. Keep in mind that choosing one over the other comes with certain pros and cons. Before you buy your next toner ink cartridges, know more about the following advantages and disadvantages. Price and Value Most compatible inks are 50% less the amount of original inks at retail price. That's huge savings for any household and especially for offices that print hundreds of documents a day. Imagine having the same number of prints for 50% less the price. That is why some offices nowadays opt for compatible and cheaper alternatives to lower down their overall cost of printing in the workplace. Quality Issues A general notion about compatible cartridges is that they don't provide the same level of quality as genuine inks. Some even claim that compatible inks tend to smudge and have inconsistent printing quality both on regular text document, photos and graphics. While this can be true, the issue in quality is not completely because it's a compatible ink. There are just low-quality compatible ink cartridges being sold by unreliable retailers and manufacturers. They must have not replaced all toner parts like the drum and drum blade, which led to the low-quality prints experienced by many consumers. There are, however, ISO certified manufacturers that can produce high-quality compatible inks, which can deliver similar level of quality as original inks. It all boils down on whether you bought a high-grade or low-grade compatible ink. For the same price, why not make sure you are buying from reliable manufacturers to avoid any problems with your toner ink cartridges. Warranty Is Void For most manufacturers like Canon, Epson, Brother, Fuji Xerox, and Samsung, warranty becomes void when you use compatible inks with the printer. This is one of the main reasons why people continue to buy genuine inks despite its more expensive cost over non-genuine ones. Any part defects or repair needed would not be accommodated once you have used compatible inks. These manufacturers just want to protect their brand name and continue to acquire big business from the consumables market. Some even put up ad campaigns against using non-genuine ink and claim that this can break down your printer so easily. It's all up to consumers to choose between varying pros and cons of each type of ink. On the Brighter Side Finding the best bargain for both genuine and compatible inks is easy now with more online sources and search queries. You have comparison sites to help you located cheap inks without going through every store or browsing through every site there is that is selling the ink you need. You can also check Thriftyink website if you are looking for both genuine and compatible inks in Australia. You don't have to pay so much for ink if you can find out where to get the bargains online. Get good value for money with a little bit of effort and resourcefulness. Check Thriftyink website for more info.
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