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The details you need to pay attention to when using printer toner

by:Ascend      2020-05-09

these details you need to pay attention to when using printer toner, on this knowledge, we should learn is printer toner particles is small, the characteristics of less weight once drawn into the human body, it is difficult to discharge in vitro, long-term inhalation or disposable suction a lot cause respiratory disease, and printer toner a little toxicity.

printer toner is superfine grain of carbon particles, he can't be absorbed by the body, at the same time, he is a strong carcinogen. If inhaled often contact copier printer toner will continue, because is invisible to the naked eye. So be very careful when use can, try to wear face masks and found leaking printer toner is to open a window ventilated, timely and in a timely manner from the leak. Try to place the printer toner to the old man out of the reach of children.

these are for you to sort out the use of printer toner considerations, safety, use printer toner should pay attention to. If you have questions about printer toner welcome to contact us at any time, also welcome you to pay close attention to our website at any time to update, we will continue to arrange for you more knowledge about printer toner.

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