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The characteristic of the printer toner stability in detail

by:Ascend      2020-04-26

there are a lot of printer toner characteristics, such as have good liquidity, good compatibility, low pollution, good stability, in order to facilitate everybody's use, small make up is the main and share the printer toner stability characteristics in detail.

stability good printer toner after add powder to add from the start there will be no exception, stability and refers to the manufacturers of materials and process equipment, general import manufacturers on the material procurement convenient stability and process equipment, so generally will not easily change of raw materials, the stability is very strong, but ugly between production manufacturer for process equipment and materials procurement of instability, it is hard to avoid can have such a phenomenon, into the batch of powder, the effect is very good, and then into the second batch of powder will appear black insufficient or last batch of powder is not compatible with bottom ash, this is the instability caused by the material.

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