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Refilling Your Old Printer Cartridges

by:Ascend      2020-09-05
Practically everyone procrastinates when printed pages come out faded or smudged. It's the inevitable sign of a printer cartridge going dry, a sort of unwelcome disappearing ink. As subsequent pages fail to proper print, thoughts of inconvenience and cost overcome the mind. There's also the unpleasant task of having to unearth the printer from under the myriad of office supplies and books. It simply isn't something that's liked. It is more of a chore than a task to check off from the 'to-do' list. But, in comparison to purchasing a new printer, with fresh, untapped ink, it's a cinch of a decision. The only question remaining is where and how to get new toner cartridges. Starter Cartridges The siren's song of printer ink. It isn't bulky, nor is it expensive. These are typically available on a wide basis. They boast a low price and contain quality ink. The bugaboo comes from the content. While no empirical data is readily available, most ink cartridge manufactures assure consumers the ink levels are high, but the density might be a bit lacking. These ink cartridges are a personification of the old phrase, 'You get what you pay for'. The output on starter cartridges tends to produce about 200 black and white sheets and 150 colour sheets. Replacement Toner Cartridges These ink cartridges are better performers than starter cartridges, but the price difference is significant. Coming in at a cost between 10 and 20 percent higher, replacement cartridges are often offered in bulk. So purchasing more than one set offsets the price increase substantially. After all, it makes sense both momentarily and functionally. Consumers get more for their money and have an extra supply on-hand to use at a moment's notice. What's more, there is an increase in usable output. Replacement cartridges are filled to the brim and can produce 200-plus pages of black and white printings and 165 to 180 colour pages. All things considered, that makes replacement cartridges a sound decision. Cartridge Refills It was only a matter of time before this cottage industry cropped-up. Consumers can make one trip to the high street with empty cartridges and return with ink-filled printer cartridges. This method certainly has its benefits: it's not terribly expensive and often a better deal than replacement cartridges, it saves time by not having to wait for a delivery and it's environmentally friendly. Of course, with such deal there come a few drawbacks. The biggest disadvantage is using the same cartridges time and again. Akin to an oil filter on an automobile, it will begin to accumulate sludge of sorts. Refilling ink cartridges, while an inexpensive alternative might compromise the quality of print in as more pages are printed with each successive refill. Bulk Generic Cartridge Orders Another alternative to getting ink cartridges is to order generic cartridges in bulk quantities. This is perhaps the least expensive replacement purchase. Purchasing generic ink cartridges in bulk drives down the cost per unit. The realised savings are quite attractive to consumers. The problem with purchasing generics--especially in bulk--is the quality. Quality varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. And if a bulk purchase is made, the consumer is stuck with many non-performing units.
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