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Printer toner manufacturer to introduce you to the printer installation steps

by:Ascend      2020-04-28
Printer is an essential tool in our work life, so as a professional printer toner manufacturers, in order to better serve everyone, everyone to clean the printer using note, will follow below printer toner manufacturers look together! Click on the lower left corner of the 'start' button, the screen from the pop-up menu list, select 'printers and faxes' in 'printers and faxes' open the window and then click the 'add printer' on the left side of the commands in the pops up the add printer wizard dialog box, click the 'next' button to continue, generally we are options, use the network printer also more options, then click 'next' button to continue in the next step, we choose to 'create a new Port', then choose 'Standard TCP/IP Port' then click 'next' button to pop up after the new item dialog box, directly click 'next' button to continue to the next is the crucial step, the IP address of the fill in the correct network printer, after click 'next' button to a step in the confirmation dialog click 'finish' button on the printer installation steps printer toner manufacturers to introduce you to it, if you have any needs about printer toner welcome to contact us at any time, also welcome you to pay close attention to our website at any time to update, more knowledge about printer toner will continue to arrange for you, welcome to consult at any time.

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