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Printer Toner Cartridges - Some Important Facts

by:Ascend      2020-09-06
Within the market of printers and copiers, the availability of printer toner cartridges continues to grow. At the same time, prices continue to come down; not only for the machines, but in the available options in replacing cartridges as well. The purchase of a new printer includes what is considered a 'starter' cartridge that will only last in the shortfall. This means an early introduction into the world of replacement cartridges that can seem a bit bewildering, at first. Most of the purchases are made online as this is where some of the best deals can be found. Whether it is the mini-portable printer or the massive floor model used for larger volume commercial output, the convenience of printer cartridges has made printing as adaptable as it is accessible. As technology has improved over the years, so have the toners used in cartridges that are easily replaced or recycled when they run out of their supply. Laser printers use a dry, powdery ink that receives an electric charge during the printing process that finally becomes fused onto the paper. The result is a finish on the surface of the paper that will not run or bleed when exposed to moisture, much the way inkjet performs. Laser printers are essential for the production of important media, such as legal documents and for the highest quality results. The science of how the toner is delivered onto the paper surface is quite dynamic in itself. It can get down to the microscopic world of how the shapes of the toner particles can affect the end product. Toner is universally used in copiers, printers and fax machines with many of these models being interchangeable. Advancements in technology have allowed polymers to be introduced into the mix of carbon powder, which is what makes printer cartridges even more convenient and affordable whilst improving printer output. Colour printers take on the dynamic of using magenta, yellow and cyan toner colours that are primarily responsible for creating the full array of colour tones seen in real life. Colour printer technology has seen the most advancement in becoming accessible for personal use. There are powerful models that are small enough to fit into a handbag whilst producing a high quality colour print. The disadvantage of portability is the exchange for capacity as these cartridges are barely a few inches in size. Replacing these cartridges becomes more frequent for the user who opts for colour printing. Fortunately, all printer suppliers are aware of the importance of recycling and this is an inherent approach with all manufacturers. Toner replacement may be through the use of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges or through generic or compatible parts that are all intended to perform the same way. The difference with generic parts is in the ability to realise a much lower price. There are many suppliers that provide stock on hand from refurbished cartridges that have been remanufactured from their original OEMs. There are also refill kits available, representing the greatest savings when it comes to refilling or replacing printer toner cartridges. It is good to know that there are options for every preference on the market today.
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