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Printer toner can mix?

by:Ascend      2020-04-27
On the printer toner used a lot of customer is not very clear, because the printer model is different, when using a printer toner can mix it is worth noting that, the answer is no. Printer toner is can not be mixed, because different printer models. Each model for printer drum unit within the original printer toner has different parameters, lead to the later imaging ( Also is the outcome of the final printed on paper) , are all different. So you can't mix. If the mixture of printer toner, could lead to consequences are: add powder technology does not pass lead to leakage, printer toner is conductive, the powder if fell on the circuit board will be burned circuit board technology does not pass lead to leakage of powder, printer toner particles average diameter is 5. 8 microns, so the current civil masks will not be able to filter the printer toner, so will cause whether people add powder or using powder drum unit people from entering the lungs, and unable to discharge. In the interpretation of knowledge for printer toner, believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of, about the type of printer toner manufacturers have supply, has the need to contact us.
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