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Printer for carbon powder compact method summarized below

by:Ascend      2020-04-26

printer in carbon powder compact method summarized below, hope that through our introduction to let people better understand and apply, specific as follows:

1, close the printer power supply, according to the printer on the left side of the bolt, open the printer cover and lift completely, it captured carbon powder compact handle and from vertical pull out from the printer.

2, press the handle on the left side of the marked position, will handle fold with appropriate treatments used carbon powder compact.

3, new carbon cartridges from the box. Holding new carbon powder compact horizontal direction, and then to the former gently shaking a few times to make carbon powder evenly distributed.

4, unveils the seal completely, and then pull up the handle.

5, hold the handle and put it in the printer ink cartridges, make sure that the cartridge on both ends of the pins inserted into the groove of the printer. Gently slide the cartridge to openings until locked in this position. Close the printer cover, until you hear a clicking sound.

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