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Power on the printer toner add process!

by:Ascend      2020-04-30
Printer toner just as its name implies is a key material in the printer, printer toner if you have a printer is unable to work normally. Printer toner needs to clean up in the process of adding redundant toner, add new again, specific steps are as follows: clean up the extra carbon powder, will be extra clean up the toner cartridges, toner on the magnetic stick also want to clean up. This is a very important point. Operation method is very simple, first the magnetic stick at the bottom of the screw to unscrew, down three sections, it is important to note that the face of positive and negative of wafer, magnetic rod and then to take it down. Vacuum magnetic stick the sponge stick to clean up, powder storehouse inside redundant powder also want to clean up. Add printer toner: after the above steps are well can wants to join toner cartridges inside. The compact powder cover to open, the shake of load cartridges, toner cartridges cover. So add toner was successful.

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