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Photocopier Servicing- Choosing The Best Option...!

by:Ascend      2020-07-16
Photocopiers require regular maintenance which can be expensive when covered for on a time and materials basis. When you take out a maintenance contract, part of the service is 'preventative maintenance' this is performed to reduce breakdowns within the period of the contract. This also means, in many instances all replacement parts required to get your photocopier back up and running, labour costs, genuine branded toner and call out fees are included. When buying or leasing your photocopier you will get a costing for every print you make so you only pay for what you use on a cost per copy basis, so you will know up front what you are likely to be charged without having to worry about a huge bill at the end of the month. Your Assurance Furthermore, there are a few assurances you will get when taking out a service contract like copy quality assurance. Which means that if there are any issues with the quality of your print a copier engineer will come and sort the problem out? Many businesses ensure their engineers are manufacturer trained prior to attending any call-outs, thus solving network problems. Develop your machine is also carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions giving a prolonged life to your photocopier, rather than having the dreaded 'down-time' with work pending but no way to print it. Down time is also another factor when looking at a service contract as the less time it takes for an engineer to get out to the photocopier, the quicker you get to use the machine to print again. Many good copier companies target a response time to breakdown calls, generally around 4 hours maximum. So if your photocopier stops working in the morning they can guarantee it to be working again that afternoon. So What About System Software Upgrades? One aspect to think about before taking out a service contract would be the system software upgrades you are offered which will be carried out free of charge. A photocopier is just like a computer, over the term of your agreement, which in some cases could be 5 years, software will finally need upgrading so many companies do this so the equipment stays serviceable, which is beneficial to all involved. A large number of photocopiers have a duplex function for double sided printing. This should be set to default, greatly reducing the amount of paper used and thus reducing costs. Photocopiers made in the last five years are likely to include printing, scanning, faxing and photocopying in one machine, which means, instead of making a photocopy, documents can be scanned into photocopiers and sent via email or fax. Most photocopier companies know over a certain time period what parts will need replacing on a photocopier and the overall costs involved. It is in their best interests to fit genuine parts from the very start to help prolong the life of the various parts and keep the copier running smoothly. Fitting budget, non genuine parts can have a negative effect on the daily running of the photocopier. To save you time, we can offer you quotes for these printer copiers. To fill up a simple form within 60 seconds, click on the banner below. Please do let us know if you like the tips we have mentioned, we would look forward to have your comments.
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