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Pay attention to when you use the copier toner

by:Ascend      2020-05-09
We use more at ordinary times is the printers and copiers, and this two kinds of machinery and equipment ( shèbèi) Seems to be a little similar, are put paper inside, and then can come out a sheet of A4 white background and black text. Printer toner many drums in original toner after use, the user can add after used again, so also is to have separate toner for sale on the market. By adding toner by oneself, will reduce the use of the user supplies cost. Carbon powder polymerization toner used widely, because of the high cost, mainly used in the production of color toner. Carbon powder polymerization is a kind of fine chemical toner technology, it includes suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization, detail capsule, dispersion polymerization, compression polymerization, chemical pieces. And they are also used by carbon ( C) Powder. Then what on earth are they really have similar place, or is not the same. We can do, tōng郭) Use printer toner and copier toner to do a test ( TestMeasure) 。 Because now carbon powder are divided, and to distinguish the main or to distinguish between printer and copier, and copier copier toner to distinguish between is less strict, because now the copy machine of various types, there are so many on the market, and the use of a copy machine, does not need to use a specific copier toner models. But this is not to say that the distinction between the copier toner is useless. If you are using the same type of copier toner, this type of copier use effect will be better. And there is a difference between printer toner with the copier toner, if you use a copier toner in the printer, you will find in the situation of the black paper and white ( 条件) 。
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