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Noobs' Guide To Toner Cartridges For Your Printer

by:Ascend      2020-07-17
Printer supplies are highly in demand in the market because they serve a lot of functional purposes, especially in the workplace setting. As the competition intensifies in the market, it is a positive thing for consumers because they can now get toner spare parts, such as cartridges, inks, and toner powder for a reasonable price. But in order for you to make the most value out of your purchase, it is important that you learn about printer cartridges in order to know what factors to take into account during your buying process. Toner cartridges are the most common type of cartridge used for modern printers nowadays. It is also more commonly referred to as laser printer cartridge because of its utilization laser printing technology. You can find a number of popular manufacturers that create this type of printer into the market. This type of cartridge consists of many different parts though, which includes a drum kit, shell, powder, and plastic spare parts. The toner goes through the electro statically charged drum unit wherein it experiences a heating process. The heat enables the powder to be melted into ink form that is hence printed onto the paper with the help of a heated roller. This is just the general process of using this printing mechanism though because there are plenty of types for a toner cartridge. In fact, there are three basic types of toner ink cartridges to choose from: OEM, re-manufactured, and compatible cartridges. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer is created by the original manufacturer of the printer itself. Most manufacturers guarantee that only they can deliver the highest quality results with the printing capability. In addition, they can also provide repairs in case there are problems with the printer and its cartridge. Although the quality for this type of cartridge is indeed quite superior, it is the most expensive option in the market. Thus, it is best to look into other options, especially if you have a limited budget to spare. Another type of cartridge that you should buy is the compatible toner cartridge. This is a brand new cartridge that is manufactured by other suppliers aside from the original manufacturer of the printer device. Thus, you can expect for it to work the same way as the original model does and you can also expect a competitive quality for the toner kit that you have bought. Some of the top manufacturing countries for compatible cartridges include Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. Lastly, you can also get re-manufactured cartridges, which is recollected by a third-party supplier. The empty cartridge is no longer used by the manufacturer, which is why they are cleaned and refilled for re-sell into the market. In case there are broken parts, they are replaced with spare ones to seem like brand new.
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