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Judging from the scrap rate of color toner quality

by:Ascend      2020-05-11

color toner types have a lot of on the market, the quality is good and bad are intermingled, we have given you in front of the several methods to identify color vendors quality are introduced, today small make up and give you summary compiled a way to identify the quality of color toner, combine these methods, I believe you will buy good quality color toner. Waste powder rate refers to a certain amount of carbon powder in normal printing of waste powder proportion. Color toner in production, the ingredients in a certain proportion to join together, and fully stirring, the corresponding processing, regrinding. In the process, does not guarantee that the thickness of each carbon powder particles as well as its main ingredients of carbon powder, iron powder, resin proportion is the same, only is in the range of certain proportion. Beyond this range, the colored toner particles can become waste powder. Waste toner powder rate is between 5% ~ 7% belong to the normal range. Also directly affect the amount of waste powder rate of carbon powder printed pages.

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