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How To Transfer A Person Safely

by:Ascend      2020-10-16
Regarding the foregoing structure, a flexible elastic layer 2 is laid over a comparatively-bendable inflexible base layer 1. The elastic layer 2 includes a layer formed of an elastic physique four and spherical resin particles three. The spherical resin particles three are arranged in a aircraft direction in the floor of the elastic layer 2. In other phrases, the spherical resin particles 3 are uncovered from the surface of the layer shaped of an elastic body four. When the picture has been subjected to the raster exposure, charge in proportion to the publicity quantity disappears on the uncovered portion of the uniformly charged surface of the photoconductor drum 200 and a Bk latent electrostatic image is formed there. Also, a mark (not shown within the drawing) for positional detection is offered on the outer circumferential floor or inside circumferential surface of the intermediate switch belt 501. An optical sensor 514 serving as a mark detecting sensor is supplied at a place between a belt driving curler 508 and a major switch bias roller 507 serving as a major transfer unit on which the intermediate switch belt 501 is set. Pads are 6' extensive with 4 handle loops spaced for secure grip factors. Sizes color-coded for quick identification in a rehab division. Available with plastic aspect release, or auto buckle. With seven handles and a 6-inch excessive back, this Gait Belt/Transfer Belt is good for transferring patients. In the current invention, additionally it is preferred that the heights h of uncovered portions of the spherical resin particles three from the floor of the elastic physique (uncovered heights) be uniform. The uncovered peak is ideally uniform enough to fulfill the following expression hmax−hmin≦0.2 μm whereby hmax is the utmost exposed peak and hmin is the minimum exposed peak. The structure that there's great variability amongst uncovered heights and thus the expression defined above just isn't glad, as shown in FIG. JP-A Nos. and propose formation of a layer with the use of a fabric which has an affinity for hydrophobized fantastic particles. In these laid-open patent purposes, particles having very small diameters are preferably used. Moreover, there is one other problem in that the floor layer is inferior in abrasion resistance and scratch resistance as properly. Allows for the comfort and dignity of patient in addition to security for each patient and caregiver. Pads are 6' wide with 4 handle loops spaced for protected grip points. Sizes shade-coded for quick identification in a rehab division. Available with auto buckle. Pads are 6' broad with 4 deal with loops spaced for safe grip factors. Sizes color-coded for quick identification in a rehab division. Available with plastic facet release buckle. The foregoing technique utilizing an intermediate transfer belt, conventionally utilized in a system during which creating devices for four colours are used with one photoconductor, is disadvantageous in that the printing pace is low. Accordingly, for prime-velocity printing, the four-drum tandem methodology is usually used, whereby photoconductors for 4 colors (four photoconductors) are aligned and images of each color are repeatedly transferred to paper. However, in the four-drum tandem method, for example due to variation of paper that arises relying upon the environment, it is rather difficult to secure positional accuracy for superimposition of pictures of every color, and consequently photographs with displaced colors are often formed. Accordingly, employment of the intermediate switch technique in the four-drum tandem method has been changing into in style. Transfer patients with confidence utilizing this thick, sturdy gait belt. The absolutely adjustable affected person gait belt is constructed of professional quality cotton with a dependable steel-buckle closure. It is preferred that the spherical resin particles three are arranged in a plane direction within the surface of the elastic layer 2, and the spherical resin particles form a single layer with respect to the thickness path of the elastic layer. If a plurality of particles is present with respect to the thickness direction of the elastic layer, as proven in FIG. 5, the distribution of the spherical resin particles contained is uneven and the belt floor has ununiform electrical properties, affected by the electrical resistance worth of the spherical resin particles, thereby disturbing pictures. As such, the intermediate switch belt having the layer with uniform outermost floor heights of the particles has glossiness of 35% or higher as decided based on reflected mild at eighty five° on the floor of the intermediate transfer belt. three, isn't preferable as a result of the resulting belt surface has giant protrusions and large depressions, in order that residual-toner cleanability results in decreased notably in a cleansing operation utilizing a cleaning blade, and contaminants are made simpler to attach to depressions. The thickness of the layer formed of the elastic body is preferably in the vary of approximately 200 μm to approximately 2 mm. When the thickness of the layer is small, it isn't favorable as a result of there's a decrease in conformity to the floor situations of a transfer medium and there is a decrease in transfer pressure decreasing effect. When the thickness of the layer is just too nice, it is not favorable as a result of the layer is heavy, easily bends and easily causes instability in terms of traveling performance, and cracks are easily formed due to the curvature at a roller curvature part supplied for setting the belt in a stretched method. Also, in producing the intermediate switch belt of the current invention, incorporates a resin element as a coating liquid for forming the bottom layer, and may if essential comprise components similar to a dispersion auxiliary agent, a reinforcing material, a lubricant, a warmth-conducting materials and an antioxidant.
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