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How to Remove Printer Ink From Your Hands

by:Ascend      2020-07-28
There's nothing as irritating as looking down and seeing a load of blotchy ink (of whatever color) smeared across your hand or hands. The annoyance of touching and trying to open and turn on things with unsuitable parts of your anatomy for those few moments before you can clean your hands is a nightmare. So, if you do manage to cover your hands with ink and the contents of a cartridge, what are the best ways to get it off with the least possible hassle? Well, the first thing to use is the one your mother would tell you to. Get out the soap and turn on the tap and see if you can remove the ink with a quick scrub and some water. This should remove some and even all of the ink in a lot of cases. This is because most printer inks are aqueous and mixed with other properties. In these cases the water will be removed but the dyes will still stain the hands. Lemon and water will often do the trick as will a rubbing of eucalyptus oil. Lava soap, created by the makers of the synthetic oil WD40, is also great for removing oil from the hands. It is made from ground pumice - a property of lava - and this usually gets ink straight off. Your sister's hairspray is also a great thing for getting rid of ink from hands - simply just spray it onto the affected area and leave it for around 10 seconds and it should remove the ink and the pigment form your hands. A more hardcore remedy is to use white, surgical or meth spirits to clean your hands. Put some on a cloth and rub the affected area. This should cause the ink and the other substances to dissolve and leave your hands clean. Wash with soapy water afterwards to ensure you don't have the spirit smell on your hands. Other chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide will also do the trick, though these can also be very hard on skin and also in some cases cause an allergic reaction. Follow the steps sequentially and you are sure to find an easy way to remove ink from your hands.
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