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How to Help The Environment With Printer Cartridge

by:Ascend      2020-07-29
The printing industry is one of the industries that have the most environmental impact. Thousands of trees are cut every day to supply the increasing demand for paper used in printing documents, newspapers, and magazines. Different kinds of minerals are used in the manufacture of printers and toner cartridges. Most of these minerals are toxic to all living things especially humans. Every day, millions of used printers and cartridges are being disposed in landfills. These non-biodegradable wastes are ready to poison the environment with the chemicals they are made of. For example, some of the toners left inside empty cartridges are toxic to plants and animals. When released, it can contaminate the soil, water, and air. Moreover, the metals found in printers and cartridges are released into the environment when corroded. These metals leach out to the soil and contaminate underground water, a precious natural resource that is becoming scarcer in many parts of the world. With the manufacture of brand new cartridges, large amounts of nonrenewable resources are used up. One of these resources is petroleum which is used to generate electricity in power plants to keep cartridge factories running. Petroleum is also the raw material used to make the hard plastic in printer cartridges. Large volume of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere during the whole manufacturing process of cartridges. Studies show that carbon dioxide is directly associated to global warming, our major environmental problem. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid printer cartridges from contaminating the environment and using up a huge portion of our non-renewable natural resources. Recycling is the way that I am talking about. Although this way is old, it is still effective in saving our natural resources and minimizing damage to our environment. Thanks to the power of internet, printer cartridge recycling is now easier than before. Just searching the keyword 'printer cartridge recycling' in the internet will give you more than two hundred thousand sites that contain the keyword. Most of these sites are either accepting empty toner cartridges or just giving tips on how to recycle them. Look for the sites that have cartridge recycling program and learn how you can return your cartridges to them. Almost all popular printer manufacturers such as HP, Brother, Epson, Konica Minolta, Canon, Lexmark, Xerox, and the like have cartridge recycling programs. You can request free shipping labels and boxes from these manufacturers online. You just need to fill up a simple form in their sites to avail of the free shipping label and box. They are the one who will send the shipping label and box. Some of them can also pick up your cartridges if you have many pieces to return. Depending on the condition of your empty cartridges, the manufacturers can pay you cash or give you store credit in return. This will help you cut your printing cost to a great degree. What are you waiting for? Recycle your empty cartridges now to help the environment and save money.
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