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How to Get the Best Printing Results

by:Ascend      2020-09-09
Even with efficient modern computer printers simple problems can greatly affect printing quality. Often these problems can be easily addressed and just require a few basic steps in both using and looking after a printer. When early computer printers emerged the cost of ink cartridges were a major issue regarding cost. With the advent of ink refill cartridges, there now became a choice between saving money and the possible loss of printing quality. There are now better quality ink refill cartridges produced, which are available at most good office supplies shops. This means that consumers can both save money and print to a quality that matches that of a new ink cartridge. Checking for problems with printed copy is easy enough and always checks each printed item carefully. Look for streaks in the printed copy. A sign that a cartridge is running out of ink will be streaking. Streaking may also be produced after a long printing run with some brand of printers, when the cartridge print head will just need cleaning. Streaks will be easier to spot on a large graphic or photo than text. When printing images, use file formats such as PNG and TIF. JPEGs and GIFs are the common images of choice for the internet, because of how they compress an image and speed up the loading time of a web page. JPEGs and GIFs will not look so good when printed on paper - compared to PNG and TIF files of the same image. Getting the right resolution for a printed image is an important consideration. The resolution, to produce a good printed copy, should be a minimum of 300 dots per inch. The highest quality settings on your printer are an important factor in producing good quality printing, but so is the quality of paper that you use. Printers will print adequately on most types of paper, but the type of paper that is most suitable for your printer will produce the best results. If unsure, a box of general purpose A4 paper is advisable to buy from your local office supplies shop. This type of paper is suitable for inkjet and laser printers and copiers. When launching a long print run, still keep an eye on the quality of the printed copies. Also always have a new ink cartridge or ink refill cartridge close at hand, just in case the cartridge runs out of ink. Don't leave the printer unattended for a long time, if possible. A printer needs to be in regular use to keep it running to optimum quality. There is a risk of ink cartridges drying up when a printer is rarely used. This can be exasperating, when you switch on the printer to print off some important documents, knowing that your ink cartridge should have enough ink to complete a good printing job. If a printer is well looked after it will last a decade or more. The quality of the actual printing will also be maintained throughout its life by following the few steps above.
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