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How to discern the stand or fall of quality of color toner?

by:Ascend      2020-05-01

good quality excellent color toner flow, overcast rate is high, low melting point, convenience stores, prevent leakage transport powder, printing firm fixing, color reduction degree is high, the blackness of 1. More than 4, perform a use effect with the original factory. In order to let people get reliable quality color toner, today small make up and share how to discern the stand or fall of quality of color toner.

discern color toner from general glossiness, odour and liquidity to distinguish, touch the surface of the printed graphics by hand, and to feel the roughness, and obtain the fixed on by degree of good and bad. In general, the degree of low carbon powder, the printing surface of the text will be very coarse, carbon powder and then hand shake the bottle, good color toner its liquidity generally is very good, can take 20 g carbon powder on the white paper and then the rocking back and forth, can be observed at the stand or fall of its liquid. The stand or fall of liquidity affects the powder of blackness, bottom ash, the heat transfer rate. The later is the smell of carbon powder, the standard of carbon powder should be no odor or microstrip have fragrance, and poor quality will have strong odors, unbearable.

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