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How to Bulk Buy Office Supplies for Major Savings

by:Ascend      2020-09-16
Saving on office supplies is a time-tested way to keep a budget under control. It is a methodology that has been followed by several companies, both small-scale and large-scale, over the years. One of the largest infrastructure expenses for any firm is the cost of office supplies. These are recurring costs and any kind of savings made in this expenditure sheet will always reflect positively in the balance sheet for the subsequent years. One of the best ways to save some money while purchasing office supplies is by making bulk purchases. There are many factors which affect office supply expenditures and wholesale purchases can have an influence all of them. There are some obvious advantages with bulk buying and a few that become evident only in the long run. Cost-Savings Take a simple office item such as toner cartridges. These are expensive and are used in large quantities. Bulk buying will result in increased savings since most suppliers will charge lower prices when large quantities are ordered. This is true for most office supplies since dealers are happy to get large orders, have lesser transportation costs and hassles about dealing with small orders. Prices will always decrease when wholesale orders are placed, because 'things are cheaper by the dozen.' Discounts Often the dealers may not lower prices for bulk orders, especially if they are expensive items, but they may offer discounts in other fields. If furniture has been ordered, and they are not able to offer lower prices, they may be able to give desk accessories at a discount. If many printers are being ordered, then toner cartridges may be sold at a discounted price. Either way, there are genuine savings being received. Free Delivery Often vendors will offer free shipping and delivery for bulk orders. There is always a minimum order benchmark for free delivery and bulk orders will probably be over this benchmark. Shipping costs can be very high and with bulk orders, this high cost can be easily offset. Frequent Buyer Programmes Corporate discounts and frequent buyer programmes can help in saving a lot of money. There are many such programmes available with office goods suppliers, and companies that are a part of these programmes can cut back on some major expenditure. If a company is too small to qualify for these programmes, then it can combine with similar concerns and place orders together, thus benefitting all of them. Some customers sign a most favoured nation clause with their suppliers, to make sure that the prices they are charged are no higher than those being paid by similar customers Steady Supply Large scale purchases always ensure that there is no shortage of supplies for the office staff. A good storage and inventory system is needed to keep track of them, but in the long run, it is always advantageous to keep a steady supply available for everyone. Personalised Items Large orders can easily be individualised to suit the specific office needs. Stationery and pens, pencils etc. can have the office logo on them, all the furniture can be coordinated with each other, carpets and furnishings can be pre-woven with the office colours and brand names. Manufacturers are willing to do this only when they are assured of large orders; since, it is not cost-effective with small consignments.
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