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How Companies Go Green Through Managed Print

by:Ascend      2020-08-02
We all know that printers have already become a prominent symbol inside offices and various kinds of workplaces that greatly rely on hard copy outputs for their overall success. But whether it's a laser office printer or a small business inkjet printer, these hard copy devices still come ineffective in ways that are often undetected or less regarded. These are printing errors, crumpled papers, malfunctioning printer components, and many others. And out of such instances, huge amounts of printing resources such as ink, paper sheets, and energy are wasted. Even long before the system of managed print was developed, various companies and organizations have noticed the problem with the tremendous losses in their profits due to unnecessary expenses. Managed print is a newly developed highly functional system, built to effectively handle all printing transactions, resources, and hardware components in order to deliver cost effective operations. Apart from reducing the total cost of expenses on wasted sheets of paper, inks, and replaced printer parts, managed print also aims to significantly diminish the negative impact of printing operations to the environment. These days, the demand for managed print system continues to grow giving birth to companies offering such services. The system is composed of different managed print programs to choose from. These are acquired through different managed print service providers who are always more than willing to provide businesses with effective and highly functional print solutions. Through managed print services, groups and individuals can avoid the hassles of printing problems and save more time and effort. This particular type of system helps companies conduct cost and energy effective printing operations with greatly lessened impact to nature. Apart from HP, more and more companies have been advocating for green printing only through managed print system.
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