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Filling toner matters needing attention

by:Ascend      2020-04-25
Believe that everyone has a certain understanding for the toner, toner plays an important role in our life, in order to better serve you, the following will introduce toner filling matters needing attention for everyone. 1, toner must we wear the masks, and in case of inhalation 2 toner hazardous to health, pay attention to when the toner don't cover is too full of 3, toner warehouse plastic cover, and then reset the cover plate, screw in screw, along the axial shaking around 4, with the hand clockwise rotating magnetic roller compact ( The lateral connection of gear rotating magnetic roller) , make the magnetic roller toner evenly distributed. If uneven, but the magnetic roller, counterclockwise to make it bring a magnetic iron powder and the carrier, and then consciously to set iron powder from many places to place less, and then clockwise rotating magnetic roller, make the iron powder into toner warehouse).
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