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Dot Matrix Printer

by:Ascend      2020-08-10
Several printer technologies are available today. The printer technologies can be categorized into two types. They are impact and the non-impact technologies. A computer printer that uses the impact technology is prepared with a system that requires contact with the paper or whatever material that can be used to create the readable text. Dot Matrix and Character Printers are the two main classifications of Impact printer technology. A character printer is a automated typewriter made up of a set of bars which provide as the platform for letters and numbers. Inkjet printer and Laser printer use non impact technology. In inkjet printer, three types of ink cartridge are used whereas in Laser printer, toner cartridge is used. Inkjet printers are used in almost all offices, business, cafe and many other establishments. The printed image coming from an inkjet printer has small dots that generally have a diameter of 50-60 microns. Print head assembly, paper feed assembly, power supply, control circuitry and interface ports are the parts making up a typical inkjet printer. The excellence of the produced image in an inkjet printer is also dependent on the type of paper used. Brightness and absorption are the core factors that determine the quality of the printed image. A dot matrix printer is also known as impact matrix printer. It utilizes a print head that goes up and down or back and forth printing on the paper by impact. The head strikes a cloth ribbon that is laden with ink against the paper. The similarity to typewriters can be used for comparison. However, the letters on are drawn from a dot matrix, which is a 2 dimensional group of dots that represent images, symbols and characters. The dot matrix printer has offers a wide range and fonts that can be created and due to the force of the impact printing, carbon copies can be made as well. Each dot on the printer is the outcome of a metal rod that is forced forward by an electromagnet. There is a guide plate that is often made from a material resembling a ruby or sapphire is fashioned by piercing it with holes that are used to guide the pins. It is quite often a highly durable printer. They do not wear out easily but when they do it is usually because ink has gotten into the guide plate. This causes it to become gritty and wears the channels in the guide plate. Thus the accuracy is compromised and the printing is unable to be read.
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