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Do You Use These Testimonial Strategies

by:Ascend      2020-08-10
There are simple yet powerful strategies any speaker can use starting the day a booking is secured. These strategies are rooted in your resolute commitment to deliver more than is required, more than is expected, and (as I like to do,) more that anyone in their right mind would deliver. 1. Start using these Public Speaking strategies today! Begin by setting the stage in front: Include a line in your Program Confirmation that in return for your doing a superb job of writing, customizing and presenting a fine program, and as part of your fee, your client agrees to write you a testimonial letter. The letter is to share your client's feelings about the value of your program, and to be sent by your client to 3 of your client's associates or peers. These are to be people with budgetary discretion and decision making authority, people who could engage you to speak. Client is to agree to send a copy of each letter to you. Client is to agree that you may photocopy the letter and use it to promote your services. Clients feel this causes you to deliver peak performance for them. They're right! 2. Engage the Public Speaking lessons you learned along the way: Continue by preparing and delivering the very best program of your life so far. Lavish love and research and care on each such program. Every time. In every way. No exceptions. 3. After your presentation is delivered, do this: Ask your client to type the testimonial letter on his/her business letterhead. The paper is to be copier-friendly. This means no art beneath the typed copy. This letterhead is to include legible address and phone number. Specify that there is to be a full line space left blank between each paragraph.Readers are turned off by solid copy blocks these post-literate days. 3.1 Paragraph one: Passionate expression of gratitude by client for benefits client is enjoying from (your presentation). 3.2 Paragraph two: Something like this: Before you presented your program, (brief statement of prior conditions) Then, (statement by client of client's views of the value you delivered and the difference you made.) 3.3 Paragraph three: Something like this: Here are the 3 most significant improvements in our (sales/results/outcomes/productivity,) thanks to you and your program: 1. 2. 3. Paragraph four: (optional) Something like this: If anyone has the faintest doubt about the value of your presentation, tell them they can call me at. 4. Naturally, you don't want every commendation letter to read exactly like the others. So, change the words from one to the other. Stick with the principles, however. And it is alright for you----with an OK from your client---- to do a rewrite with more passion and enthusiasm, just so you're sure what you write is true. Either give your customer a draft of what you want or offer to type it directly on customer's letterhead for your customer to sign.
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