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Brother TN 115 Compatible Laser Toner Cartridge

by:Ascend      2020-08-31
The distinction between the Brother TN 115 compatible laser toner cartridge and the OEM brand has come to pass. It reached a point where compatible printer consumables can be used sparingly without even encountering poor quality print.A� In fact, the aftermarket cartridge unit has gained wide acceptance from laser printer users to enjoy brisk sales margins. The reason behind this trend is commendable user experience in the course of printing. At the very least, the compatible cartridge's performance is similar to its OEM counterpart. But then again, what motivates laser printer users to patronize compatible printer consumables is still the minimized color printing expenditures inherent in its use. A complete set of Brother OEM toner cartridges can cost a user around $490 compared to only $168 for the equivalent set of compatible laser toner cartridges. A price difference of 75% will prove to be a sigh of relief for users running on a shoe string budget. Both the OEM and aftermarket cartridges can turn out 5,000 pages of printed documents based on the Industry standard 5% coverage. The A�Brother TN 115 compatible toner cartridge comes designed with all the features packed into the OEM counterpart. A�And to keep abreast with recent production technologies, replacement compatible cartridges are also manufactured A�in ISO certified production facilities. This assures users that compatible consumables pass through stringent quality control measures and are therefore designed for reliable print and yield performance. Following production, the compatible cartridge undergoes post-testing to ensure superior quality imaging and razor sharp, high-density printouts. And since replacement compatibles are sold at affordable prices, expect to get the lowest cost per page in any printing scenario. It is evident that third party manufacturers did not cut corners in the manufacture of compatible toner cartridges such as the TN 115 compatible laser toner cartridge. The TN 115 is outfitted with a hard plastic casing that is resistant to damage; particularly mishandling and accidental dropping. The new cartridge shell slides smoothly into any compatible Brother printer because only high quality rollers are utilized to guarantee trouble free loading and unloading of the cartridge. Given the meticulous care that compatible toner cartridges undergo; pixel perfect and high-resolution prints are guaranteed. Worry no more! Should your Brother Printer run out of toner, the Brother TN115 compatible cartridge should work best for you.
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