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Basic Email List Building

by:Ascend      2020-08-19
Many people will tell you that the one essential in email marketing is to concentrate on building your email list. These people speak the truth. It is a shame that most will not tell you how. It is not that complicated and there are some basic methods that give excellent returns. However, you must realise that it is on-going. These procedures are not a one-off. If you want to succeed in email marketing then you must always have systems in place to capture new subscribers. And they must succeed. Current customers who are not already on you email lists should be targeted. They are satisfied customers so will be receptive to a way in which they can save money. A common device is the follow-up email. Once they have had the product for a certain period, say a printer when they might need replacement cartridges, send an email to their purchasing department asking if they have had any problems. Include subtly a suggestion they subscribe to your email list, and mention they could save money on consumables. People are more willing to subscribe to newsletters than email marketing but they will accept that there is a cost to such valuable information. So click-throughs and advertising for subscribers can be more overt without irritating them into cancelling their subscription. The company website is often seen solely as a way of selling products to casual visitors. However, your search engine optimisation will be directing those whom you want to become email list subscribers to your website. Every page should have some method of encouraging them to click through to, perhaps, a landing page that is dedicated to the advantage to those who click the box. Find out the most popular pages on your site that are not dedicated to selling, perhaps the FAQ page or maybe the series of how-to articles that have become well-known in the business. Not only should you carry display adverts on these articles but also include links to the email list landing page or at the very least your newsletter. Everyone who buys a product, receives your newsletter or visits your website should be seen as a potential recruit to your email marketing.
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