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You should know about carbon powder, common sense here

by:Ascend      2020-05-06
The carbon powder ( Nickname toner) The key ingredient is not carbon, carbon powder is a kind of colored powder. Many people are very easily misled by its name and tonal, think it is the key component is carbon powder raw material powder equipment, actually print copy carbon powder is polymer materials. A 1, resin, carbon powder, its ingredients: this is the key imaging material, composition of carbon powder behavior main body composition: 2, carbon black, it is the key imaging material, have adjust the function of color shade, that is commonly referred to as colored degree adjustment. Magnetic compounds: 3, with its efficacy is prompted carbon powder have magnetic, can attract live in the magnetic field of magnetic roller, adsorption on carbon roller. 4, positive charge particles: manipulation of carbon powder friction influence power application of powdered carbon induction electric symmetry. 5, hot melt plastic ( Fire retardant agents) : manipulation of carbon powder melting point, take carbon powder under the condition of melt infiltration ( 渗透) After to the paper fiber, produce strong image. Carbon powder polymerization is a kind of fine chemical toner technology, it includes suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization, detail capsule, dispersion polymerization, compression polymerization, chemical pieces. 6, lubricants, Silicon) : the lubrication effect, manipulation of friction positive charge at the same time. Second, the production process of carbon powder and the difference of carbon powder in accordance with the lean production ( 生产) Is not the same way can be divided into two categories: broken carbon powder and polymer powder. Broken carbon ( C) Powder processing is the solid resin, permanent magnetic material (first Material) , color paste, positive charge ( 电荷) Control ( 钻井平台) Agent ( CCA) , wax wait until roughly blending modifier, heating on mixing rubber squeeze molding machine, the epoxy ( 氧气) Resin ( 环氧树脂) Melting, at the same time not melt composition proportion to diversify into resin, water cooling, 冷却) Condensation and then carry out the coarse crushing, grading, surface modification of materials. Printer toner according to different requirements, the carbon powder production to develop in the direction of refinement, color and high speed. Carbon powder manufacturing mainly adopts FenSuiFa and polymerization. Polymer carbon ( C) Powder processing is introduce the liquid organic compound single reaction tank, then paste, positive charge control agent, wax and its multicomponent mixing, under must standards such as temperature, initiator causes individual poly resin material, at the same time with the multi-component granules is produced. Printer toner many drums in original toner after use, the user can add after used again, so also is to have separate toner for sale on the market. By adding toner by oneself, will reduce the use of the user supplies cost. Then the particulate matter in after cleaning, dry mania, surface modification and materials into finished products of carbon powder. Three, use of machinery and equipment of carbon powder in the copying machinery key used in laser printers.
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