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Why users will feel less color toner

by:Ascend      2020-05-14
Buy a lot of people is reflected in the za that how look less color toner, inadequate? About the problem below small make up detailed explain to everybody: the printing number is the original color toner products printing number for the standard, in 1600/2600 series, 5% coverage, color/black on page 2000 2500. If compare with other compatible, or weight to compare with the naked eye, light is a one-sided and not a scientific way, but a myth, because color toner production development stage now, scale, professional production process factory and small-scale factory, has the very big difference, beautiful color and carbon powder currently using integer 'particles' technology, ( The technology of related content, please visit our web site in detail) , greatly improve the fineness of toner particles and evenness, and reduced the rate of waste powder, in a nutshell, is 'China'. Said another way, if other compatible toner is to use the old process, to achieve the same print number, requires 30% more weight than we can do that. Above all should be easy to understand, customers need to print number, rather than the weight of the colored toner. Hui bao toner can ensure the product's color toner quality, not used to it.
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