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Why do you say printer must use good carbon powder

by:Ascend      2020-05-14
Printers use, be sure to use good carbon powder, carbon powder is easy to cause the poor quality of ( 原因) Printer malfunction, and the print quality is bad, bad, liè) Properties of carbon powder use will cause certain influence to the human body. Color is used in the paper in the laser printer toner fixing powder material. Black toner by bonding resin, carbon black, electronic agents, additives such as ingredients. Still need to add other color in the color toner pigment, etc. Carbon powder suppliers here said, why do you say the printer must use good carbon powder, the main reason has the following three aspects: first, lack of quality of carbon ( C) Powder in the moist and temperature ( 温度) Changes in the use of big environment, placed time longer, will happen agglomerate representation, using the process ( 郭cheng) Can cause damage of carbon powder compact components, in the serious impact, 影响) Imaging quality, and shorten the service life of carbon powder compact ( 一生) 。 Second, the printer through upper fuser roller to carbon ( C) After the powder is heated, so that the carbon powder melting into paper, different printer, upper fuser roller heating temperature will have error, melting point scale wide carbon powder, cooperation with different printer fuser roller outstanding function, on a different printer has outstanding print quality. Three, narrower carbon powder melting point scale, print quality is not stable, when carbon powder melting point higher than the upper fuser roller heating moisture, carbon powder melting ( Definition: the changing process of substances from solid to liquid) No, not completely, 彻底) Into the paper fibers, forming picture fixing fragile; And when the carbon powder melting point is lower than the upper fuser roller heating temperature, excessive softening toner, stick on the upper fuser roller, fuser roller, pollution simple smearing printing paper. Printer toner according to different requirements, the carbon powder production to develop in the direction of refinement, color and high speed. Carbon powder manufacturing mainly adopts FenSuiFa and polymerization. Color toner in print, volatile due to residual monomer in the resin is heated, produces the pungent odor, therefore national standards and industry standards of toner TVOC has carried on the strict limits. So as long as you buy printer or nonconforming product quality, won't because printing produces gas harmful to health.
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