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Why Do We Have a Social Responsibility to Recycle?

by:Ascend      2020-09-10
To ignore the fact that we have a social responsibility to recycle is to invite to become our reality, what is now just considered the stuff of sci-fi or horror movies. Not paying attention to our individual carbon footprint may cause the human footprint to one day become as rare as an honest political speech promising a reduction in the burning of fossil fuels. The earth is in danger of turning into one great landfill, stripped of all its natural resources if we do not take note of the warning signs and act as a matter of urgency. There is much that can be done by the concerned individual: the recycling of ink cartridges is a great starting point. Practically everyone uses ink cartridges today, whether it is at home or in the workplace. Worldwide, billions of them are produced annually. What everyone is not aware of is that the plastic in these cartridges can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Discards also leak ink into the earth, further damaging the eco system. Consider the harm to the environment if these were never recycled and somehow we had to keep finding burial grounds for discarded cartridges: the mind boggles at the prospect. As a recycling incentive, many manufacturers are buying back used cartridges and quite a fair amount of cash can be earned by anyone motivated enough to collect these from family, friends, companies or even an entire neighbourhood. A social conscience need not be a burden and it need not belong to adults alone. Children are easily motivated by the enthusiasm of authority figures, be it a parent or a loved and respected teacher and are usually as eager to earn a gold merit star as they would be to receive any cash or other reward. Explanations regarding the importance of what they are being asked to do should also appeal to the superhero in every child and most will then want to be seen as the saviour of at least their small part of the world. Ask most children to collect bottle tops, empty cans, scrap paper and the like for a worthy cause, and they will bombard you with generosity. Make it a competition to save the earth and attach as much importance to the year-end result as that of the academic side of schooling and every child will have an opportunity to shine. Knowledge of recycling and the consequences of burning earth's finite supply of fossil fuels will then hopefully become as important an issue with future generations as any other field of knowledge. Nurturing a social conscience in our children as they grow should become as much a tradition as teaching them about Christmas, Ramadan or Rosh Hashanah. It is after all their future that is at stake. If we continue to deplete our planet's resources at the current rate, there will be little to look forward to besides having enough sun-screen to protect our blistering skins. Stuff of sci-fi or horror films indeed.
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