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What properties are needed in ricoh fuser film raw materials?
Actually, the ricoh fuser film manufacturer consistently pays careful attention to the properties of raw materials. It's the combination of raw materials and innovative technology which makes ideal item. When the producer is selecting raw materials, many indexes are considered and tested. When the raw materials have been processed, production technology is an integral approach to maximize its functions and properties.
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We are a famous brand which mainly produce high quality fuser film grease. Foshan Ascend Technology Co. Ltd focuses on providing a variety of web roller for canon for customers. In a flock of charge roller, primary charge roller has many excellent characteristics of and so on. This product has outstanding conductivity, which improves transcription quality. Some customers told us that they really appreciate the seam and stitching the product is made. It is not easily fray even it is used heavily. The smooth and sleek surface directly contributes to improving the printing fastness.

Aiming at adding value for our customers, our company will always develop cost-effective product solutions to help customers achieve their goals.

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