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What properties are needed in canon fuser film raw materials?
The performance required for raw materials depends on the different features of canon fuser film. Raw materials must be able to produce good results. It is important to understand what is important to the properties of raw materials and how they affect these factors if manufacturers are to obtain reliable and correct quality. Raw materials should meet the needs of overseas technology.
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Foshan Ascend Technology Co. Ltd develops, manufactures and markets xerox fuser film for many years. We are going to provide more innovative products to meet market trends. The toshiba fuser cleaning web series is one of the main products of Ascend. The surface of the product is flat and smooth. It is homogeneous regarding smoothness distribution due to RTM process technology. It can enhance adhesion fastness of the toners on the surface of the paper. Ascend is certified to all relative certificates that is needed for ricoh transfer belt. Images printed by this product has strong colorfastness.

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