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What method can judge whether the quality of the carbon powder qualified?

by:Ascend      2020-05-12
Carbon ( C) The use of powder is becoming more common, because office demand. Color is used in the paper in the laser printer toner fixing powder material. Black toner by bonding resin, carbon black, electronic agents, additives such as ingredients. Still need to add other color in the color toner pigment, etc. Office is a business management ( jīng应) Mode ( pattern) , the birth of commercial benefits. This time the main test ( Inspection and testing) The quality of the carbon powder, because the quality of the carbon powder determines the efficiency and quality of the office. What method can judge whether the quality of the carbon powder qualified? 1, copier toner: colorless, odorless or micro contains fresh scent, carbon (2 C) The shapes of powder: crystal, no condensation ( 冷凝) Block 3, liquidity: high quality carbon powder is a good liquidity, compatibility: refers to the powder and the powder mutual compatibility between 5 and powder consumption: every printed a piece of paper consumption carbon ( C) Powder containing 6, fixed on degrees: see the article on the surface of the typescript matte or detail in July and reliability: from the very beginning to add powder to will print smooth finish all without exception 8, bottom ash: see tests ( Inspection and testing) Copy the sample have any words in the blanks the blackness values of 9, fixing firmness: adhesion on the surface of the matrix, carbon ( C) The ability of powder melt infiltration of paper fibers after 10, waste powder rate: the scrap rate is refers to a certain amount of carbon ( C) Powder in normal copy of waste powder of proportion. Printer toner according to different requirements, the carbon powder production to develop in the direction of refinement, color and high speed. Carbon powder manufacturing mainly adopts FenSuiFa and polymerization. Color toner in print, volatile due to residual monomer in the resin is heated, produces the pungent odor, therefore national standards and industry standards of toner TVOC has carried on the strict limits. So as long as you buy printer or nonconforming product quality, won't because printing produces gas harmful to health.
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