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What is the printer toner to add process

by:Ascend      2020-04-26
Printer toner needs to be added into the ink cartridges to printer normal use, while adding process of printer toner is less important. Professionals for printer toner add explanation is as follows: 1. Buy good quality printer toner and matching and the original model to 2. Unplug the printer power cord, remove printer drum unit; Will be removed the drum unit place 3 box according to the vertical direction. Location of the drum unit box in accordance with the vertical direction upside down again, so the whole drum unit was divided into two parts, ink cartridges and drum unit; 4. Then the ink cartridges upright, and then remove the lid at the top of the ink cartridges, at the same time, use a clean white paper, roll into a funnel is inserted into the ink cartridges, then buy a new printer toner along the paper funnel slowly added to the ink cartridges. Then according to the disassembly of the opposite operation, to will be fixed on the drum unit, ink cartridges drums gently turning laps at the same time, so that the ink cartridges toner can uniformly distributed within the 6. Later will drum unit to put back into the printer, and then to test the printer found back to the previous print effect, so the whole process of add ink is over.
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