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What about the technology used by Ascend?
As a small- and mid-scale manufacturing company, Foshan Ascend Technology Co. Ltd has always been having a high aspiration to become one of the most leading enterprises in the world. According to the basic principle of Marxism, science and technology are part of productive forces. We highly emphasize the importance of technologies and continue to increase our technology level. Advanced manufacturing technology involves all aspects of the product life cycle from market research, product development, raw materials processing, product design, and manufacturing. High technology is the source to improve the comprehensively economic benefits of us.

Ascend has always been catering to the customers' needs to develop high-end samsung transfer belt. fuser film sleeve is the main product of Ascend. It is diverse in variety. By using the advanced inspection equipment in the product, many quality issues of the product can be detected immediately, which has effectively improved the quality. The product features excellent positioning accuracy and transfers accuracy. The use of this product can contribute to a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically. It will bring comfort and convenience to people. This product does not generate squeaking and creaking during operation.

Ascend will be dedicated to innovating the toshiba transfer belt and improving management concepts. Contact us!
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