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Warning Low Toner?

by:Ascend      2020-08-29
Anyone who has ever owned or used a printer has encountered either the blinking light telling you to get a new toner cartridge or a message on the control panel telling you to replace your toner. The first question after getting the request from your printer to replace the cartridge is, 'Where I could get a toner for the lowest price?' What most people don't know is that they can purchase re-manufactured toner cartridges for half the price of toner from the original manufacturer. Toner 're-mans' (as they are known in the toner business) usually come with a 2-year warranty out of the box, and work just as well as the original manufacturer's cartridges. Some companies that re-manufacture toners will even warranty the picture quality of your printer if you use their cartridges. Although some printers that use color cube wax ink (Xerox, for example) should probably stick to the manufacturer's ink, which has been formulated and tested over time to maximize the longevity of the printer, printers from other manufacturers work just as well with re-man cartridges and with no shortened life span. Think of it as purchasing Walmart ketchup instead of the Heinz brand. A lot of brand-name companies in the food industry actually do create the same product for other companies using the same ingredients, but they allow those companies to put their name on the label and packaging. This appeals to people who don't care about a name brand and are looking to save some money. So why not do that with your toner? Toners cartridges can be a very costly part of owning a printer. Another question is the yield of cartridges. The size of the yield varies on each printer, and choosing a yield should be determined by the number of pages you expect to print during the lifetime of the cartridge. First, determine how much you do actually print - if you print a lot of pages in a day or a lot of multi-page projects in a month consider a high-yield cartridge. Depending on the printer and whether you are printing color or just black and white you may be able to find cartridges with a life expectancy of over 10,000 pages. If you do not print daily and only print one or two pages here and there during a month you should consider a low-yield or standard toner cartridge. As I stated earlier, a lot of re-man toner companies offer a two-year warranty on their products, so if the toner actually does dry up within that time they will replace it. If you still feel that your unsure of the direction to go in for you printer needs there are companies out there that offer free technical support and they can determine what would probably suit your needs best. When I am looking for inquiries such this Google is always a good tool to start with.
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