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Use color toner manufacturers introduce cartridges the note

by:Ascend      2020-04-29
As is known to all, any color toner cannot leave the ink cartridges, so the use of ink cartridge note note do you know what? Follow the below small make up look together! 1. The ink cartridge in room temperature environment, to avoid the sunshine, strong ray and heat source. 2. When printing process, the ink all flashing start, said will run out of ink, at this time, still can play continuously run -- until the lights stop flashing, print stop print, then immediately change ink cartridge. 3. The cartridge once opened to use (computer immediately To prevent the air into the ink jet mouth) 。 4. After the new cartridges computer 2 - to clean the print head 3 times, until the self-check figure Laryngeal Mask case meets the requirements ( Because the cartridge in the process of production is through vacuum processing, but sometimes there will be a small amount of air in the sponge, is likely to make a small amount of air in the long-distance transportation rise to ink outlet, lead to influence the printing effect) 。 Considerations regarding the cartridge, is to introduce you to this, if you have questions about color toner used, welcome to contact us at any time.
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