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Use color toner for printing instructions

by:Ascend      2020-04-24

color toner fixing prison, the scrap rate is low, the characteristics of the weathering resistance, color terms have four types of red, yellow, blue, black. The stand or fall of a toner is mainly factor: blackness, bottom ash, waste powder rate, resolution, fixed on degree, ghost. Blackness is on the high side, of course, also have certain negative effect, that is to say a certain amount of carbon powder, under a certain coverage, print the number of pages is relatively reduced.

color is more difficult to melt the toner resin infiltrate the paper fibers, so the requirement of carbon powder is higher. We usually have such a kind of habit, think that print on the black powdered carbon, the better, but the carbon powder, other factors also may produce the illusion, such as the fixed on degree of color toner is poor, colored toner particles adsorption on the surface of the paper only, not penetrating into the paper fiber. This time, the colored toner particles accumulate in paper surface, so the black degree is very high, and the black degree is too high, the average print the number of pages will be relatively reduced.

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