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Understand what we are using the copier toner

by:Ascend      2020-05-13
We know that the copier carbon ( C) Powder is necessary to use the copier consumables, we going to use the copier toner in duplicators directly. Color toner in print, volatile due to residual monomer in the resin is heated, produces the pungent odor, therefore national standards and industry standards of toner TVOC has carried on the strict limits. So as long as you buy printer or nonconforming product quality, won't because printing produces gas harmful to health. Color is used in the paper in the laser printer toner fixing powder material. Black toner by bonding resin, carbon black, electronic agents, additives such as ingredients. Still need to add other color in the color toner pigment, etc. Printer toner many drums in original toner after use, the user can add after used again, so also is to have separate toner for sale on the market. By adding toner by oneself, will reduce the use of the user supplies cost. And for the copy machine data (we 意味着) How quality, also not see copier operation level, but to see the quality of the copier toner, of course, this is just one factor ( 因素) 。 So if we need a good copy machine, you can try to use the copier toner. And constitutes a copier toner, resin ( Resin) Oxygen, carbon black, magnetic, 氧气) Iron, electric charge ( 电荷) Control of particles ( Content: atoms, molecules, ions) , lubricant, and hot melt plastics ( Structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment) 。 Which used in imaging material is resin and carbon black. So when the carbon black, don't say that carbon black can make copier toner. Carbon black is just a kind of main ingredients of the copier toner. And the use of carbon black is used to adjust the color depth, but here the color depth refers to the blackness. If we use the copier toner quality is bad, due to the storage time is too will agglomerate phenomenon; If in use process, 郭cheng) Not found, will affect the quality of imaging.
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