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Supply in bulk color toner, printing effect is good!

by:Ascend      2020-05-08

perennial supply bulk color toner, color toner production quality and performance is good, the application of color toner printers have good printing effect, the effective protection of carbon cartridges, drum core and printers, prolong life, reduce the printing cost, color as original. Color toner fixing prison, the scrap rate is low, the characteristics of the weathering resistance, color terms have four types of red, yellow, blue, black. The stand or fall of a carbon powder are mainly factors: blackness, bottom ash, waste powder rate, resolution, fixed on degree, ghost. Blackness is on the high side, of course, also have certain negative effect, that is to say a certain amount of carbon powder, under a certain coverage, print the number of pages is relatively reduced. Color toner color is red, yellow, blue, black, color toner packaging style can be customized, customers products with fixing prison, waste powder rate low, strong resistance to weathering, etc. Year-round supply of color toner, color toner color can be customized according to customer demand, if you need to color toner can get in touch with us.

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