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In another example, the collection apparatus could trigger shredding or different processing of the used consumable 470 on the vending system 456. Printer 430 is shown to incorporate a network interface 432 and a print part 434. Network interface 432 represents typically any combination of hardware and programming configured for electronically connecting printer 430 to web 420. Print part 434 represents usually any mixture of hardware and programming configured to produce printed output. The first data associates a consumer of a network-connected computing gadget configured to vend new printer consumables with a community-related printer. 2 and 4, the affiliation module 210, 410 could also be liable for implementing block 702. 6 and seven are circulate diagrams of operation in a system according to varied embodiments. In one other example the attribute that's utilized to establish the model of the used consumable 470 is an encoded image included inside the used consumable 470. In an example, the encoded image is within the form of a barcode, a colour or grayscale gradient, or different encoding, and is recognized through a scanning equipment 508 included inside collection equipment 462. In an instance, the gathering equipment 462 may hold the offered used consumable 470 to be picked up by a recycling service. 2 and 4, the association module 210, 410 could also be responsible for implementing block 602. four, usage module 412 receives, by way of the web 422 from web-linked printer 430, information 438 concerning consumable usage at printer 430. Printer 430 is the printer with which the association module 410 associated person 442. The acquired consumable utilization data 428 could embrace, however isn't limited to, a history of kinds of content material printed at the printer and/or a present stock of levels of ink, toner or different consumables on the printer. four, used consumable module 454 receives used consumable information 468 relating to a used printer consumable 470 that is introduced by consumer 442 on the vending gadget 456. In an instance, the used consumable knowledge 468 is an identifier of the mannequin and/or sort of the used consumable 470 and is acquired, via pattern recognition of an attribute of the used consumable 470. In an example, the sample recognition happens on the collection equipment 462. The paths between server system 402, vending device 456, and printer 430 as depicted in FIG. four represent the logical communication paths between these devices, not necessarily the bodily paths between the devices. 2, payment module 216 receives information indicating that fee 246 is obtained for the beneficial new consumable. In an instance, the fee-acquired information may be data acquired from another component of the merchandising system 202 and point out that a cash or digital cost 246 (e.g. via a debit or bank card) has been made.
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